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Social distance Birthday

So last year for my birthday I got to celebrate with my husband and close friends in a normal fashion. You know out in public, no masks, hugging, squeezing in for the perfect picture showing all of our teeth, telling each other “ooh you gotta try this it’s so good” while letting a friend or […]

A day at Disney Springs

Hey friends! Trying my best to keep this blog sweet and simple. I love to talk and explain every little detail, but with this trip definitely being a YOLO, spontaneous moment everything we enjoyed was not captured. But of course in typical Martiana fashion I snapped pictures while we enjoyed some moments. Our day at […]

Brunchin with Bentley

As a mother of three it can be difficult to get individual time with every kid. My husband and I try to incorporate that every now and then. This weekend it was just me and my favorite little boy hanging, his sisters were spending time with their grandma and daddy was working long hours. Its […]

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