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Loving the life you have

The other day, I read this: “Don’t let Instagram fool you. There are people with only 3-9 likes who have plenty of friends. People with 100+ likes who are lonely in life. Couples who look so happy together, yet are miserable as hell. Couples who don’t post pictures together but are in beautiful, loving relationships.…

Ways to Reduce stress by putting yourself first

This morning, I dropped off my twins at school for testing and it was pure chaos…and if there is anything that I hate, it is just that. I do not do chaos because chaos leads to stress and stress leads to a (potentially) terrible day, if you do not intentionally get it back on a…

Frozen Strawberry Lemonade

Ingredients 3 cups of fresh strawberries diced2 cups of fresh squeezed lemon juice1 cup of sugarIce cubeslemon Dice the strawberries then add to a medium sauce pot, cook on low and add the sugar on top. I let the strawberries come to a boil and stir while it’s cooking, you want it to get like…

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