Social distance Birthday

So last year for my birthday I got to celebrate with my husband and close friends in a normal fashion. You know out in public, no masks, hugging, squeezing in for the perfect picture showing all of our teeth, telling each other “ooh you gotta try this it’s so good” while letting a friend or cousin try something off your plate… know…what use to be normal for us before the pandemic. If I had known that a month later we would be shut in, hoarding tissue, not knowing what would come next and let’s not even talk about not being able to see loved ones and friends. One I wouldve most like had a different type of party, snuck in a bday vacation with my girls or even caught a flight home (Michigan) to bring the New Year in with my family. I miss them all so much and so do our kids. But that’s the thing! Tomorrow isn’t promised, we never know what’s going to happen next and our life can literally change in the blink of an eye. I’m sure I’m not the only one who had the same thought, I should’ve…I could’ve. So why not enjoy it, don’t have what ifs, but always be safe. I don’t know about you all, but this last year has put some things into perspective for me.

“If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans” – Woody Allen

I wanted so bad to do something fun for my birthday this year, I wanted to be safe and also think of others during this time. Who doesn’t want to spend their bday celebrating with friends and family but this year was just different. There have been birthdays where it was just Rashaad and I, and I absolutely loved them because holidays are done and it’s just us. I had been wanting to visit Chateau Elan for the longest, of course during the peak season when everything is beautiful and sprung but why wait. I thought if there is any good time to go it would probably be now, because its cold, people are staying in and the property isn’t picture spring perfect. And I was right! I don’t know if I should’ve been happy or sad about the non-exsistence wine lovers.

Who am I kidding?? It was a win for us, mask and social distance was definitely in place. They keep things as touches as possible, it was an hour drive for us and overall we really enjoyed ourselves .

Enjoy some of the pics below of us having some fun! Honestly it was just a lot of eating, drinking (duh its a winery) lol, sleeping and late night bar snacks. Our first night stay we took a bourbon mixology class, which I booked for husband’s enjoyment but I might have had more fun than him. Drinks, grown up conversation….no virtual learning!…I’m just saying.

My actual bday was the wine tasting/tour and delicious food to follow. We didn’t indulge in any spa activities this time around, but that is on top of the list for future visits. However, we did come home with four bottles of wine.

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