Brunchin with Bentley

As a mother of three it can be difficult to get individual time with every kid. My husband and I try to incorporate that every now and then. This weekend it was just me and my favorite little boy hanging, his sisters were spending time with their grandma and daddy was working long hours.

Its really nice to have one hundred percent of your attention on one kid at times, you truly get to see their personality come to life and they feel special! They’re not competing for attention from you with others around and they have a chance to be heard and speak freely. I find that my son really enjoys these days out or in, not that he doesn’t love his sisters but he is the baby of the family and lets just say we all know how that goes.

This weekend with Bentley was a whole entire vibe! Saturday evening we went to happy hour for dinner, yes happy hour because half off appetizers are always a good idea (no alcohol was consumed by either party lol) and my son is truly a pescatarian/foodie unlike my girls so seafood on a budget is good for mommy’s wallet. In case you’re curious we went to Carrabba’s Italian grill and after went into Barnes and Noble to get books.

Our long day was Sunday, we got up early to go to brunch at the Nest Cafe which was on our list to try. Everything was amazing by the way and if you’re in the Atlanta/Alpharetta area I definitely recommend checking it out. It gets pretty busy and its first come first serve style seating. We later ended up at Halcyon shopping plaza which is one of our go to spots as of lately, because they have a variety of food spots but also my kids favorite Popbar ice cream shop.

Today was their last day for their Christmas Market, but you can check out their calendar for future events. We had a lot of fun this weekend.

I know Bentley did, cause as we were driving home he said “Mom I really enjoyed myself with you” cue crying heart/ heart face emoji. My heart literally melted.

“….and she loved a little boy very very much, even more than she loved herself.”

-Shel Silverstein

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