October Favorites!

Hey guys,

If you didn’t know October is one of the best months out of the year, the weather is cooling down, leaves start to change, my son’s birthday is on the 10th and all the pumpkin things are available. We all start changing or adding pieces to our wardrobe which is my favorite part about the season, I love a good boot and a cozy scarf. Many people even switch up their skincare routines, more baking is happening and the creativity really comes out when it comes to decorating for the season. I’m excited to share my first favorite’s with you all, basically all the things I have been loving, using more or recently added to my everyday life but really taking advantage of in October.

  • Tula so pumpkin exfoliating sugar scrub– When I say run and get this product, that’s what I mean. number one, if you’re an avid scrub user and two if you love pumpkin. It’s basically fall in a tube, does it smell amazing ? um yes, plus it seriously leaves your skin so baby soft. There’s superfoods and probiotic in it which we all need, but sadly I believe its a limited time item….so yeah run! I purchased mine from Ulta.
  • Bow earrings – I feel like these statement earrings are just a really fun cute piece to add to your outfit, they’re very classic looking all while being a standout accessory. I snagged these from target of course, I love all of the SUGARFIX by BaubleBar jewlery that they carry. They were very affordable and would make a great gift, they also have them in a pearl finish.
  • Wine tumbler- cute saying on a cup? count me in lol yep I’m that person, it makes me happy. But what makes me sad is I don’t have a link for this one because well, Marshall’s. Hopefully you can catch it before the Christmas items roll in.
  • Fuzzy slippers– The most coveted slippers of quarantine, right? I order these in black because I figured it would match most of my pjs. It’s probably bad that I have another pair in leopard print on the way , but I’ve started wearing these more since the weather is changing. Amazon makes life hard and easy lol, also super cute Christmas gift.
  • Sweatshirts– Okay so I don’t know if you all have been keeping up with Walmarts fashions as of lately, but its getting goooddd! I own four of these because they’re just that comfy and easy. I purchased the green, cream and gray last year and picked up the mustard color this year.
  • Candle set– Another amazon find that I use daily because I’m a extreme candle burner in the fall. Yes! pumpkin spice crisp apple me all day lol while I clean, make my coffee and tackle laundry. This comes with a wick trimmer, wick dipper and a wick trimmer.
  • Electronic lighter– I hate when my lighter is all out or when I can’t find matches so this was perfect for me, you charge it with a USB and it stays charged for days.
  • Red Lip colors- disclaimer I wear red lips all year round lol but these are some new colors that I’ve recently picked up. “Trust me” is a matte red and “Thousand percent” is a matte burgundy. If you want to try new colors but don’t want to break the bank colourpop cosmetics are very affordable and I highly recommend.

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